Region 8 ESC SubService, Fort Wayne IN 46807
800-669-4565 or 260-423-0030

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For the REGION 8 Help Desk Support Team - IF you are with EACS, ENSC, HCCSC, MCS, MarionSC, No.AdamsCS, NACS, MSDWC, WCSC, WNSC or WCCS, contact the R8 SubService Help Desk at 800.669.4565, Local at 260.423.0030 or Email
M-F 6:00am-4:30pm

PESG Help Desk for Substitutes / Teachers with FCS or SGCS, contact PESG at 866-782-7277 or 317-510-3504
M-F 6:00am-6:00pm